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 iPhone7 rumors dual cameras, wireless charger and no 3.5mm jack


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July 27, 2016

the new iPhone7 will arrive  in September at after  huge  rumors and, the new iPhone comes out right on schedule every fall.

iPhone 7 rumors

new camera system that offer 2-3x optical zoom

standard single-lens

include a larger camera sensor

no headphone jack


Wireless Charging

will be thinner than the iPhone 6s

3D Touch chip



Everyone is talking about the iPhone 7 and how it will look like, iPhone 7 will be the first advanced phone in the world instead of the iPhone 6s. Every iPhone user is waiting for it’s release after 2 months, so let’s see what is the rumors about this new iPhone

How many iPhone7 evens?

There will be 3 new iPhones the first one is the normal iPhone 7 the second one is the iPhone 7 plus lastly the iPhone 7 pro.

Which one should I choose from these iPhones?

So there is no big differences between these 3 iPhones except:

The screen: in the regular iPhone 7 will be 4.7 inches but the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone 7 pro will be 5.5 inches.

Ram: the iPhone 7 pro got 3GB of ram ,the other iPhones got only 2 G

bB of ram.

Storage for iPhone7, iPhone7plus,  iPhone7 pro

the 16GB model will be available only in the regular iPhone 7 and, the 32GB will be available in the iPhone 7 pro & plus only, the 64GB will be in the regular iPhone 7 only, the 256GB will be found in the iPhone 7 pro & plus.

Wireless charging:

it will be available in the iPhone 7 pro only and actually it’s a big feature for apple to add this into its iPhone.

They will get rid of the 3.5 mm jack or not?



The design of iPhone 7 shows that it has no headphone jack and putting instead of it loud speakers so they will use the lightning port to add something like convertor to use the 3.5mm jack or the headset itself will use the lightning port as it’s port.

Dual camera in the iPhone 7?



There is a rumor that the iPhone 7 will have a dual cameras like the ones in the Huawei p9 or LG G5 and if it’s like this i think it will be a big upgrade in the iPhone’s camera.


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