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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S In-Depth Comparison


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September 7, 2016



This is iPhone 7 and this is iphone sucuess, so over the past few weeks there have been a lot of leaked images and even some hands on some videos showing the iphone7 and iphone 7 pro vs the iphone sucsess in the iphone 6s plus.


after so many months of iphone 7 leaks we pretty much know everything there to now from the actual dimentions through the dual camera module noise reduction details that famous headphone jack going away water resistancy and more .

iphone 7 vs the iphone 6s



Naturally covered in detail old iphone 7 details in my iphone 7 final summer sreies but now, we’re actually less than amonth away from the announcement and how did we know pretty much everything is to know in the iphone 7, well I really wanted to compare it to iphone 6s so he ran onto dosen’t think, here’s everything you need to know in terms of the iphone 7 vs the iphone 6s.


So number one we have the design and in the terms of the actual dimensions and every single one of thes iphone 7 leak mark videos was comparing the iphone 7 more cops vs the iphone 6s we notice that they pretty much looked identical .

iphone 7 being slightly thinner than the iphone 6s


Now some reports suggest that the iphone 7 being slightly thinner than the iphone 6s, and again every single on of those leaked casings and comparions that didn’t seem to to be the case at least in a kadai they look pretty much identical .


this is both a good and bad things it’s bad because well we have know dimension changes since well since the iphone 6 which came out 2014 that’s areally long time ago but hey the least all of your iphone 6s and even the iphone 6 cases will work the iphone 7 just fine, No the first fine now the first actual design difference between those 2 phones is going to be in terms of the antenna bands.


So we talked about this the top and bottom antenna lines are still going to be there because well we need those for the seller signal to pass througt over the ones on the back are finally going away which means the iphone 7 is going to have amuch more uniform design .


Now the next in the big design change is going to be in terms that head phone jack going away because he has going away for good this has been a really controversial topic obviously a lot of disadvantages to not having that headphone jack but also some advantages to not having that headphone jack using the lightning connector instead of the headphone jack so long so sure you can have a deckhand a nap included so you can actually get better sound quality from your headphones when using the lightning connector then we’re just using that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack .


iphone 7 headphones




If you want to use your own headphones unfortunately the iphone 7 you would need an adapter somerest pointed towards apple including the adapter in the box instead of lightning headphones, however we’ve had recently or both laughing headphones and the actual adapter.

iphone 7 adapter

my guess is that apple will include both inside the box and it’s a really interesting topic because even with the iphone 7 with adapter, you would still be able to use your own headphones, and you would actually get much better sound quality from your old headphones anyone get the guy from success but obviously the iphone 6s you don’t need to carry the adapter with you at all

The next design difference is that secondary apeaker that we get form iphone 7 so thanks to this extra game space by removing the headphone jack will add a secondary speaker to the iphone unfortunately even this extra speaker is still apretty small change so don’t expect any htc one or m9 sound quality but hey if you are kind of person who prefer listening to music using those built-in speakers the iphone 7 is acually going to be much better choice than having iphone 6s.


iphone 7 camera vs iphone 6s




The next design changes the camera module which, I’ll covering in more detail once we get the camera section of this reviwe to take alook at of the back of the iphone 7 well the camera bump is still there however it’s much larger than the one on the iphone 6s than the iphone 7 plus or definitely pro this one comes with an even larger camera module a dual camera module but more about acamera once I get to the camera section of this video but is going to be in our design difference that I realy want too much other than that we don’t have any design differences the iphone 7 plus or iphone pro tow larger model this one actually gets connector on the back the same one as we get on the same one as we get with the ipad pro .


iphone 7 accessories


although I’m not exactly sure what’s more connrstor on the iphone 6 pro or plus would be used for denfinitely going to have some smart accessories maybe even some small battery cases against more connector is only on the 5.5 inch model not only have iphone 7 and.


iphone 7 design vs iphone 6s


finally the last design change between the iphone 7 and the iphone 6s is in terms of the color options so there have been some rumrs that pointed towards the dark space gray on the iphone 7 is space grey that matches the one on the apple watch and 12-inch macbook, because it’s basically on the iphone 6 and 6s it’s actually much lighter than the one on the apple watch in a 12-inch macbook how ever all the casing leaks show exact same color options as on the iphone 6s .


I still belive that apple will introduse the darker space gray option on the iphone 7 so then we’ll have a darker space grey silver gold and rose gold .


Let’s move on to the second section of this reviwe display so in terms of the display techonlogy apple is still going to use LCD.

Apple only switch to overload in 2017 with the next iphone yet, I still      LCD on the iphone 7 now one change is going to be a VC IP3 display the same on the 5k ritna imac.

I’m a candidate pros we’re goine to get a much better color game out finally deeper blacks better contrast and overall much better color reproduction interested display size importantly is going to stay the same so 4.7 inches squared at iphone 7 and then 5.5 inches for the iphone 7 plus four different pro and we are still going to get it was a large top and bottom bezels un fortunately there are omly set to be thinned out with next generation iphones which is coming in 2017 for the iphone 7 we’re going to get the exact same puzzle sizess.


Next up in terms of the display resolution on the iphone 7 on a 4.7 inch model we’re going to get 1334 x 750 , he had basically translates to throw in 26 pp , iphone 7 which is basically the standard restaurant display for apple and the only iphone 7 plus we have a 1080 display which translates to a 401 ppi.


Basically the exact same resolution is is on the iphone 6 and 6s,

Unfortunately no improveements at also just asingle display improvements so far, but what about any special display features ,one of them is most likely going to be crystal display that we get when you have to pro the 9.7 inch ipad pro and this automatically adjust the temperature of the display based on the light conditions.

iphone 7 gorilla glass 5

I think about having a smaller version of night shift all the time, and they’re also been reports of apple including gorilla glass five and the iphone 7 caicedo gorilla glass 5 has finally being launched its currently being used in the note 7 only but it can withstand drops of up to 1.6 meters on concrete.

Finally moving on section number 3 cameria section

Resolution still going to be a 12 megapixel sensor,

Basically the same as we had with the iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus,

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