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Apple Music has 30 million songs

apple music

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September 8, 2016

Apple’s iPhone 7 event

Apple got some great things to show you in Apple’s iPhone 7 event, And I’d like to get started, Your updates. Beginning with  Apple Music.

As you know poll always had a deep love for music little.

Apple Music have 30 million songs

Since the launch. At. No it’s brought. What having access to 30000000 songs. Recommendation. Really know and love music. All of them.

It so easy to  use Apple Music 

It makes it so easy don’t listen to your songs our. Leann. Kannur. Are still want. So you. Ask your mom. Al-assad’s. How many more.


apple had an amazing one goal. John. One Republic. Robbie Williams Britney spears or the right or is it going to be amazing. You can make it to London.


You can join us all you want 1000000 people watching it, Grab a voice including little I’m looking at a whole little.


Forever changed all along. Apps, And, Over 100. I don’t have that now but al-assad’s. Bob Dole is, That means you records.

In the book on. In the last 2 long weeks. Pro correct over, This is unbelievable. It’s pretty clear from this. There are users love affair with abstract of my boat and I pass is a strong itself.

Now the most recent quarter the apps store generated points local revenue our nearest competitor.

This is really great for development and it’s quite good so many developers. You know what first on Iowa Iowa and many only on I was. This of course is great for users.

A combination of our incredible frogs, And the success of the odds gore has made the article in the iPad.


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