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Super Mario Run: on Apple Store, Review, Release date, price

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September 9, 2016

iPhone is The most popular gaming devices in the warld. games is the biggest and most popular category on app store, On the store  500000 games, But there’s something.

I’m Robert some what mixed. And I’m still happy, The data, It’s coming to the app store, Holes all around the world to be able to enjoy playing it smart okay doing it perched on iOS. I think she’s. Not be doing it in a brand new game.

Super Mario run

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Super Mario run, I don’t think the book you know on the, It’s the magic of Mario is that if you want to pick up the game instantly started playing.

The game will be coming exclusively to iOS, at least at first, playable on the iPhone and iPad. Android release in 2017. But Windows users will likely never see the game on the platform.

this time we made it simpler to begin, So when we say how, Mario runs automatically to the right.

It’s very simple and movement feels great. All. It just happened finger anywhere on the street you can make Mario jump, And the longer you tap a higher.

This is where you get a high score, Later well you’ll see lots of dreams Mario’s direction and others that will start to stop.

Points as you can get a plate full of young people, Time runs out. Wouldn’t do this time was different that you can play the game one hand for the very first time.

You know what that means is that you can play while holding onto a handle on the subway, I got a lot of it out while eating a hamburger,  Thank you or while eating an apple.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Nova  It’s a new battle mode called toad rally, the first thing that you do about what if you choose an opponent from this list to try to beat their high score.

Today I’m asking that you hope Notre Dame. So we shouldn’t compete against. Well looks like you bill. So we’re gonna try to beat those guys score.

I do not know well having competing not only against your friends but for the first time players around the world. The big 3 battle mode determined based on the number always to collect. A number of. You impress because the total characters appear every time you do it very well.

My. There’s no like right now local leaders keep running jumping collecting coins until time runs out. So. Annnnd you do you may see a little sticker of Mario movie.

In this case that shows us build a snowman on-again. And we are together still. Yeah. How can the matches that you win crypto exited out there will become residents of your very own.

Also another. New element you can enjoy. And. The lights in your mushroom kingdom using the coin to collect. Yeah about a little so that appears to tell you the score.

People of all ages to be able to enjoy playing. Super Mario run,   For that. An unreleased, A set right. You won’t have to worry about continuing to pay yeah wait here.

I missed it, we have one more piece of news we prepared a set of Super Mario stickers. I’m. What will I do think that violence 10 but I hope you’ll send all your friends and family.

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