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Apple deliver 50,000 iPads to students and 4,500 Macs to teachers


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September 10, 2016

Apple Education: deliver 50,000 iPads to students and 4,500 Macs to teachers


Cook took the stage to talk about some of Apple’s education initiatives, such as the ConnectED grant. ConnectED aims to deliver 50,000 iPads to students and 4,500 Macs to teachers.


Earlier this year and it’s no coincidence that we think committed to education for that entire Hong. Simply deep in our day and I. I always believed that education is the great equalizer. Powerful force of change.

We’ve always believed. Our products that have a tremendous positive impact on teachers and students. We are keenly aware. Not every school and have the same power, And that’s what we’re so deeply rooted, To connect that.


I think that as you probably know the national initiative, And by the government, And leading technologies to break leading technology companies to bring technology to underserved Schools.

I personally visited Several of these connected at Schools and Program it’s heavy amazing resolves,cook say’s.

If you’re engaged like never before they’re learning like never before it is as it should be We’re proud to support.

Have some connected teachers and students join us. And I’d like to welcome them From.


I think elementary instead Jose St elementary but Richmond California. Please join me in welcoming that. Like. We’ll tell you.


That this small all 14 schools that apple supporting open it up and running.

That means we’re giving a mac TO 4500 teachers. And apple TV in every classroom, we’re donating I pets to more than 50000 students. Well. We both had been so inspiring.


Trina sig propranolol men treat and you are Arizona told the steps.

The connect dead grand met a complete transformation. Students are having bought the port days Most importantly.

I think a real love of learning That is that that should be. We can’t wait to see what these kids are going to do this school year and we are so very proud to be a part of.

we’re not stopping there, We believe that every student should have the opportunity, So we created a program called everyone you cut. It’s apples approach to Cody. And it’s a cornerstone of project yeah.

Start to be amazing iPad al-assad’s. And what this does is it teaches swept are popular programming language.

All of these kids are not simple bond interactive why All ready sits share.

More than 100 schools and school districts around the world have already planned to teach swim playgrounds this fall.

Unbelievably exciting throughout, Yeah, We’re so excited.

Now I’d like to talk to you about one other very forgetful of education. And that is my work.


I work provides suite of productivity tools which are very popular.


In education but also a business that Slippers, Teachers and students, Log creating stunning documents a presentation, And even spreads.


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