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watch OS 3 preview features & design


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September 11, 2016

18 months ago All over the world are using Apple Watch aspect their daily lives, The best way to get notifications you don’t get that long call or message.

Apple Watch in the  top watch brands in the world

Apple is so happy because people are using it to become more active and healthy What has really changed, an it became in the  top watch brands in the world.

watch OS 3 preview features & design

Apple watch  also the top selling more on, Everyone knows it here what’s really important lots. And I’m pleased to tell you. Customers lobby out, Survey after survey apple watch box number one. Customer satisfaction

We’re going. The most recent JD power sport what study. Yeah al-assad’s. About what water watch, We are just getting started, Tell you about what is next without watching,

watch OS 3 preview

Let’s  jump to  Williams, We don’t want to talk about so let’s get started, June we preview watch OS 3 and it is packed with a teacher. Favorite apps watch as badly with information already update so they’re ready when you need them.

There’s a new doc speaking quickly access your favorite albums. And we’ve made it easier than ever to switch watch big. White and. That is great news bases like like this activity.

Messaging. It’s more expressively never features like tap back where you double tap a message saying. Why. There are one animated stickers. Just got love don’t know. And you can enjoy a full screen up facts like confetti. Celebrate special moments. You can also write custom replies with its spirit. And for those of you were skeptical which is probably a lot of you about writing on the small screen.

You should try it you will be amazed how well it works it works then. I. My Daddy. It works in both but somewhat but in traditional Chinese.

We got it activity sharing to watch. Closing the races are in this one help you session.

And now you can share with your friends and family and encourage them to be more active. We have a brand new album all 3.

Stay here reminds you take a moment.

Do. Deep breathing exercises a great way to be more mindful and manage everyday stress.

And we’ve added a really important now safety feature. That allowed you to contact services by simply pressing and holding a sidewalk within seconds.

watch OS 3 can all 911

You’ll be on a call with 911 or the equivalent number in the country you’re at. In addition a message will be sent to your emergency contact along with your location so they’re in a better position insist you we this is something we hope you never use what is really comforting to know it’s there.

developers have been hard at work on watch OS 3

In addition to all these great built in apps developers have been hard at work already on watch OS 3. So ask why. Washington post and Major League Soccer they watch hesitantly reformation.

watch OS 3 up to date gaming

already up to date gaming out like field day take America the powerful graphics tools and what was really see that. Yes apps like sweat with Kayla MP 90 acts have access to real time heart rate. And. They will use the gyroscope to analyze them oblique group your golf swing.

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