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pokemon go apple watch steps


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September 24, 2016

we’re really excited to show you something, It’s designed to seamlessly blend Pokemon go game play let your daily walk or run.

While enabling you to focus on what’s important all the cool stuff around, One google, On apple watch. Whatever the, Well the manager might go also tomorrow if you. Get on. Okay more trainers out there sometimes booking looking out for me egg by walking. Yes. From a publication on the watch face.

I guess the whole bar log house and. I. The main screen chose my current level and XP I need to get to the next.

I walk is recorded as a workout helps me make

master. People. Alright. It’s a coop. You’re my walk. I guess the Hobart log and the calories burned.

I think that’s. I see which bookmark nearby. So let’s get what. While you’re here.  I Well the book is stable I think that will have taken out my habit. Well.

This guy walking. When I brought it will get off my wrist that’s you know. Okay stops are located at interesting places.

Such as public artworks, Historical landmarks. One. Bill Graham. Yeah. Despite some items.

I just white, 3 I don’t know how terrible. Okay mobile app watch I’ve never has a book is not. All. I think I just earned a gold medal.

This means is that truth about them look it’s not. That’s pretty impressive.

I’m going to keep walking this effect how can a. All. Here we are. So what happens is.

Yeah I think that he got here. A. I. No but I don’t want you.

It might work out. Somers ratios all my activities. N.. All I can I put it up on the lake.

Okay poem apple watch will help you to the very best. Thank you. Fell. We’re really excited to bring in a new way to experience but one go you’ll extra motivation to get outside it’s an exercise in about your friends.

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