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Apple watch series 2 has a fantastic features for swimming


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October 4, 2016

I’m excited to introduce The next generation Of apple watch apple watch series 2, All at once theory and it has been lately re engineer.

apple watch series 2  starts with a feature that will change how you use. Apple watch. The first apple watch. Splash.

An apple watch series 2 theories do is swim per. So you can wear it whether you’re why me.

Or surveying or just doing that occasional cannonball.

You keep it on is rated water resistant 50 meters which is the industry standard when watch what that means is watched needs withstand the pressure.

Being at a depth Nader. That’s pretty neat. And yeah it’s especially challenging for a smartwatch

because there are so many regrets points.

apple watch series 2 water resistant

So our engineers have been hard at work developing new seals on it seasons they’ve been able to close all this entry points.

If the air could get and soak in the water, Problem. So serious to, We redesigned the speaker system and at the end of your workout.

Apple Watch Series 2 for swimming

We use the speaker itself project water, We also want to make your apple watch series 2 was robust enough not just pretty cage will swim but the people who want to swim every day so we built a simulator to test the effects swimming over multiple years.

We  run watches it with but what their mom 2004 hours a day. For weeks at a time stimulating

hundreds of thousands wrote.

wear Apple Watch Series 2 in the water

So you can wear your watch, Confidence in the water. We’ve also. And in the work of our fitness lab.

Swimming calculating calorie burn up for swimming is. Really tricky. And we’ve analyzed over 700 swimmers different body types and abilities.

We put them up is that if they are not a blog web right we’ve even drawn blood samples to look at lactic acid levels use all this body paper made.

I create algorithm that will give you the most accurate calorie burn information while you’re swimming.

We created 2 new work out all swimming in open waters when.

And during the work out to get information like lap now days this that’s calorie burn what’s more watchable learn about you over time it will get more active over time it will take your individual stroke efficiency not bad of some average member. And Taylor’s just to you we think swimmers are going to absolutely love does.


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