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How to Summon Siri from Lock Screen

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December 8, 2016

The Home button on your iPhone and iPad will get a new job with arrival of iOS 10: It’ll unlock your handset, replacing the old “Slide to Unlock” gesture.

But you don’t have to wait until fall to change the Home key’s behavior.


Beyond its standard chores of taking you back to the home screen and letting you quickly switch between apps,

the Home key can also act as a shortcut to some of iOS’s handiest features,

Today we’re going to discuss one of these new features and how to implement it.

Summon Siri from the lock screen—or not

Helpful though she can be, Siri has a bad habit of appearing on my iPhone screen when I need her the least. Maybe something’s up with the Home button on my iPhone 6, but Siri frequently pops up on my screen when I’m unlocking my iPhone, or when I’m trying to double-click.

Summoning (or not) Siri from the lock screen
If Siri keeps making unwanted appearances on your iPhone or iPad’s lock screen, give this setting a try.

You can’t change the default method of summoning Siri—pressing and holding the Home key

—but you can keep her from appearing on your iPhone or iPad’s lock screen.

Tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, then switch off the Siri option under the Allow Access When Locked setting.

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