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iOS 10 Remembers Where your Car is

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December 20, 2016


There are already multiple third party applications that do the same job,

but iOS 10 implements this process directly into your operation system.

The new Parked Car feature proactively remembers where you left your vehicle and offers new features in Maps for adding more context.


using iPhone SE and iOS,

A few seconds after disconnecting from Carplay a notification appears .

iOS can also detect entering and exiting your car based on auto Bluetooth systems as seen in Reminders in iOS 9.

Never Lose Your Car


What the Parked feature in iOS 10 does is alert you when you leave your vehicle and mark its location in Maps. edit the location if it’s inaccurate, or add more context to the saved location.

For example, you can add a text note to the saved location or even snap a quick photo of where you parked right in Maps.

iOS 10’s Parked Car feature isn’t super useful at home, but it could definitely come in handy out in the wild.

We all been into the situation that you take picture for your parking spot to remember.


Whenever you go to someplace with huge parking lot,

you can use Maps to drop a pin in the location where you left your car. Then on a trip out of town earlier this year,

I snapped a photo of the parking garage level and number at the airport before flying out.


Assuming iOS 10’s Parked Car feature is reliable and consistent,

it can be a game changer for how OS competitor implement into their pre installed features.

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