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How to Choose Mac For Graphic Design

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December 21, 2016


Let’s be honest mostly when think about a laptop for graphics the first thing that comes in mind is a Mac,

bettering PC rivals when it came to color accuracy and typography.


The differences between macOS and Windows are less pronounced these days

Nonetheless, the Mac still finds favour with the majority of designers.

This is down to several factors: reliability; excellent niche apps only available for Mac (such as Sketch).


So you want a Mac for your graphic design work, but is right for you? We’ve gone through Apple’s range and figured out the best machine for certain types of designers, but first you need to figure out few and we will shotely discuss one of these keys.

What do you design

These days, a designer may work across many fields. that’s not to say that some people are still using  handcrafted and classical tools,

but the modern designer is just as likely to be delving into illustration, interface design, and 3D.


The extremely rapid shift towards digital further complicates matters. A decade ago, perfect colour reproduction might have been the main concern for a designer when it came to buying new kit. But today, designers and freelancers mostly need there office to be very mobile and very reliable,

what you need to keep in mind is how much power do I need because as long as you’re heading the Mac you’re to have a killer machine with you, the question that only you can answer is much of gun power do I need to keep my work running smooth.


How To Save Money on New Mac.


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