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New Airpod Battery Life Review

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December 21, 2016

Battery life

Airpod Battery is very decent
To make the new Airpods light and Airpod Battery time decent,

particular and inexpensive is a very challenging task specially when you keep in mind the price range of the common wireless headphones.

Apple developed its own specialized chip to perfectly balance power consumption with high quality performance and reliability.

AirPods address the core problem of Bluetooth by making each earbud an independent Bluetooth device, and using the custom W1 to synchronize playback in stereo. Incidentally, that’s the same trick Beats uses to pair two of its Pills Bluetooth wireless speakers into a stereo set.


Result and Judgement

The result is really impressive battery life without compromising audio while dramatically improving connectivity performance. This is a key example of Apple acquiring and developing a core technology that makes its products demonstratively better than rivals’.

AirPods last for a long time —easily playing for a five hour stretch–before needing a recharge. And the tiny earbuds charge rapidly, reaching 100 percent in what appeared to be less than half an hour.

The earbuds fit into the charging case with a slight magnetic pull,

so they won’t come flying out as soon as you open up it up.

The case also features a hinge with a satisfying click that securely shuts and doesn’t pop open in your pocket.


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