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Pokemon GO Plus vs Apple Watch

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December 26, 2016

After few months of speculations and multiple rumors that the whole project is cancelled,

Pokemon GO is finally available for Apple watch saving you the trouble of permanently looking at your phone.


but there’s a catch

To actually catch Pokemon, you’ll still need your phone.

The Apple Watch version is more of a companion app that tracks your steps (they’ll even count towards your Apple Watch fitness goals),

helps you stock up on Pokemon-catching items, and sends notifications to your wrist when there’s a Pokemon nearby.


but how does this new app combined with Apple Watch compare to Niantic Pokemon GO Plus which is a wearable device developed by Ninatic similar to the Apple Watch.


Pokémon GO For Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch version of the app comes with a few features that are either not available in the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, or not as fleshed out. These include notifications when Pokémon are near, and the ability to spin PokéStops and collect items. Pokémon tracking is also in tow, also the ability to track your fitness goals using Health App.

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Pokémon GO Plus Features

The Plus lets you know when you’re near a PokeStop, the specially marked locations on the game’s map that come with items,

Pokémon eggs and, if you’re lucky, Pokémon to catch. You can also continue to take the steps necessary for hatching eggs and powering up buddy Pokémon, all without looking at your phone.


While your phone’s screen is off, the peripheral will vibrate and light up blue when you’ve approached a PokéStop in the real world. Press the button on the center of the Plus to collect the goods; it will flash a spectrum of colors to confirm that you’ve gathered the items. To see what you’ve found, open up your trainer journal. Pop-up notifications will also alert you to what’s going on with the game.

To differentiate between the two are two kinds of lights, green and yellow. If the Plus flashes green, it’s a Pokémon you’ve caught before. If it’s yellow, it’s a new one.

Green lights just require you to press a button and let the Plus throw a Poké Ball and do it’s thing, while yellow indicates it’s time to open up the app.

There are some Bluetooth issues and other errors that may be as much the fault of our internet connection as the device itself, but we’ll keep messing with it and have full impressions up later.

Which One Should You Get?

For users who don’t own the Apple Watch, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory costs $35, and although you won’t be able to see what’s happening at all, it’s still ahead of the Apple Watch version thanks to its catching feature.

In summary, for those who already have the Apple Watch, it’s best to forgo the Plus accessory. But for those who don’t already have one, the accessory should be ample.

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