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Pokemon Go using Apple Watch Review Series


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December 26, 2016

After few months of speculations and multiple rumors that the whole project is cancelled Pokemon GO is finally available for Apple watch saving you the trouble of permanently looking at your phone.

but is it really any good that’s what we will find out today as we experience personally through it.

We used iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 for the sake of this whole review.

Bumpy Start

We are just starting we have just installed the Pokemon GO app on our watch which took couple of minutes.

once we opened the app it crashed couple of times before it actually started, we did the same using 2 other different watches connected to 2 different iPhone and it seems like the crash is a constant on first time to run it.


once the app actually opened we had a bit of a heart dropping surprise,

it showed that my level 30 account wasn’t actually there,

instead it showed me that level 1 account which made think for a brief moment that the account was reset,

after restarting the application couple of times it finally showed us the account details.

UI Overview

Apple Health

Well the App have a nice design, it integrates with your Apple Health App,

you have the option to allow counting of burnt calories, number of steps, distance moved and workout which allows the watch to measure your bio metrics according to your state of motion.

Also that’s good new for hardcore Pokemon catchers out there as these features allow for more accurate measurement of movement and will probably make hatching eggs a lot more accurate.

it shows you the normal Pokemon interface with your character of the map

Pokemon UI

once you hit start it starts a timer like you’re doing a normal treadmill exercise or just walking around,

the app shows you actively how many steps have you walked, time since start and your eggs incubators progress.


Stay for part 2 of this review

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