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Apple Watch Series 2 VS Samsung Gear S3

Series 2 S3 Gear

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December 27, 2016

Today we’re gonna compare few aspects of two smart watches that are fairly similar to their original design,

with few upgrades and tweaks of course.

The Size

Series 2 S3 Gear

The S3 is quite large when compared to the Series 2 specially if you’re comparing using the 14 mm version that we used on Apple watch,

some people consider it a downside to it being very large and visible,

though if you’re like me a guy who wears a normal watch on day to day basis the S3 will fit you perfectly in terms of the looks .

The Upgrade

Series 2 didn’t receive much of a rework when compared to it’s predecessor,

Now it has an independent GPS installed in,

a better weather and water seal which no can go up to 50 metres under water,

as well as a faster dual core ship, also it’s screen is slightly brighter. and it comes with the upgraded OS3 pre-installed


on the other hand the S3 isn’t a huge departure from Samsung Gear S 2,

they are pretty much identical in terms of core design and controls

overall the S3 is slightly larger and has broader dimension when compared to S2,

it has the internal CPU and seal for dust and water resistant,

you still do have both a larger RAM and battery which has a considerable longer life time.


it’s really hard to compare both of the devices as they runĀ on fully different platforms,

although they both kinda work to achieve the same purpose;

to track your vital activities and body bio metrics and conduct key notifications,

and work as intermediate platform between you and your phone so you don’t have to look at your phone all the time.

though when getting the Apple watch you’re pretty much limited to using it on on the iPhone only,

meanwhile the Gear pretty much works mostly on all android phones and definitely on all Samsung phones,

so there’s a broader audience to the Gear but still Apple is always famous for it’s loyal user base who most of them won’t mind the extra investment in a Smart Watch that’s compatible with their iPhone.





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