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iPhone 8 Model Rumors

iPhone 8 Concept Art

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December 27, 2016

It’s gonna a long 10 months to go while we anticipate the iPhone,

and the reason iPhone is gonna be massive upgrade is for the first time in 3 years we’re gonna see a new design.

Some new tech and upgrades that we never seen on iPhone before,

I am not saying that it will be a totally new tech; Apple will mostly be borrowing heavily from Samsung Galaxy and Sony XPHERIA.

Apple will probably do what it has to do to make the iPhone better so no shame here.

so let’s start here.

The Name?

Well there is nothing official here since 2017 is gonna be the 10 year anniversary since Apple release the original iPhone in 2007,

so we might have some changes in the naming scheme and we’re not sure that it will actually be called iPhone 8,

but what we’re sure about is that it won’t be called 7s, because the S scheme is a notation for upgrade,

and since they’re re designing  the whole thing mostly it won’t be a 7S,

most rumors say it’s going to be either iPhone 8 or 10 to mark the anniversary.

The models

iPhone 8 Model Concept Art

there will be 3 iPhone 8 models,

The iPhone 8, The iPhone 8 Plus and a third unnamed yet exclusive iPhone 8,

All including the new design and the organic display feature.

The limited iPhone 8 Model

Well  blomberg  reported that the exclusive flagship is going to happen so we’re sure about this,

but how about how it will look?

in the words of Apple iPhone designers themselves,

“It’s gonna look like a single sheet of glass”, so probably it’s gonna be the cleanest design ever iPhone did.



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