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iPhone pricey 1000$ Titanium Case

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December 28, 2016

Today we’re gonna be looking something “outlandish” just for a small 1000$,

which is gonna be bought and consumed by a very small number of people; the elite.

Today we’re gonna look at the incredibly pricey 1000$ dollar iPhone 6s case.

The case which is called advent produced by Gray International,

is a very exclusive product that only 500 pieces of it have ever been produced,

so if you’re Tony Stark reading this sorry dude but it’s sold out,

so why would anyone ever want something like this let’s check out



Through an advanced coating process, a durable black PVD coat is applied onto the body of the Advent Stealth edition, transforming it into an object of mysterious elegance that is inspired by stealth bombers such as the B-2 Spirit.


A material revered in the Aerospace and Formula One industry, Grade 5 Titanium is employed throughout the body of the Advent. 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel but only half its weight, this special material not only lends the Advent its futuristic aesthetic but also that the iPhone is safe from the rigours of daily use.


Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, the unique serial number of each Advent is laser engraved onto the case. Furthermore, a special place on the Advent is reserved for your name to be engraved beside the companies name.


This product is made for specific kind of people those who want to belong to special club,

who want to say I have too much money that I don’t know what to do with it,

and that is a fine thing if you really,

but other than that for an average guy like me when I pay 1000$ for something like this it better make me waffle in the morning and wake me up to go the office.


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