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3 Reason to Jail Break your iPhone

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December 29, 2016

Why Jail Break?

Today we’re gonna about why I jail break my iPhone and why you consider doing it yourself( or not),

I will show you some of the things that are possible only on a jail break iPhone,

a lot of people say it ain’t worth and there’s a lot of issues with the process itself and with your daily interaction with your phone,

but no if it’s done the right way it should be really beneficial for you and really worth it.

You can google how to do these work around and jail break,

or stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for a guide on how to jail break your iPhone and how to install these gimmicks.


Performance boost

Normal iPhone vs Jail Break iPhone

You can actually speed up animation on your phone by over powering through a small application,

we actually tested this on a jail break iPhone 6s and a normal iPhone 7s,

we must say that the 7S has much more processing power it still felt incredibly faster,

it makes your phone feels brand new.

Also a huge pro for jail breaking is the iCleaner,

it doesn’t matter if you have a huge storage or a small one but it’s always nice to have the extra storage,

The iCleaner clears your memory from unnecessary cache files stored by your applications,

which won’t only save  you a huge storage space but also makes your mobiles processing faster.



You can pay extra 20-30$ dollars to have hotspot tethering in your and it’s certainly not the issue,

but sometimes mobile carriers throttle tethering to prevent you from using it as a personal internet in your house,

this mostly happens with US carriers,

but using TetherMe it allows to bypass that throttle and use your hotspot freely.


Lock down chosen apps

if you’re living with someone nosy you will understand me on this one,

nobody likes it when his younger brother or girlfriend start messing with his phone,

and for whatever reason Apple hasn’t implemented this already,

but using BioLockDown you can protect chosen apps using your fingerprint.

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