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More tips and tricks on using Apple TV

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January 4, 2017


Apple TV

More tips and tricks on using Apple TV:

  1.  To enable these screensavers you go to settings, general, screensaver, and change the type to Ariel.
  2. You can force the screensaver to start just by double clicking the menu button or single click if you’re already at the home screen.
  3.  double click your home button it brings up the app switcher, which allows you to easily switch between multiple applications.
  4. If an app is giving you issues like it’s not loading, bring up the app switcher by double clicking the home button and sweeping up the app to force it close.
  5. If you want to rearrange the layout of your home screen select the app you want to move and click and hold the track pad until it starts to wiggle then sweep and move the app to specified location you want to move it to, once you got it to the place you want, click the touch pad again and it will stay in place.
  6. While rearranging the apps you may decide that you wanted a folder for all of your games or news. If you drag an app into another it will create a folder. You can also press the play/pause button and then click new folder or move to an existing folder.
  7. If you decided that you no longer want an app that you downloaded, click and hold on the touch pad until the app starts to wiggle and then press the play/pause button and then choose delete. This does not work on applications that come with Apple TV from the beginning though.

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