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Apple TV first impression

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January 7, 2017

Good Old Entertainment

Apple TV

Watching TV is the oldest part amongst entertainment. People have been attached to it for a very long time and even till these days. They never chose to abandon their habits ever. That’s why Apple has decided to enhance this habit with their tremendous technology abilities and they placed all these ideas and updates in the Apple TV. They created two models, the first is 32 GB storage and the second is a 64. The device comes with a remote that has two different finishes.

The Apple Style

The top finish which is a touch pad that feels a lot like a Mac book pro’s touch pad and the bottom is just glassy glass. This touch pad is very effective when playing games. Therefore, many people assume that the Apple TV remote is one of the best controllers ever. For many reasons, first, its very light and small which allows you to have more control while using the remote. Second, it feels high quality, like you’re just having a tiny IPod touch. Third, it has that astonishing silver back with an elegant black at the front. With all that said the important part here are the Apps.  Apple has allowed developers to upload their Apps on to the Apple TV for everyone to consume.

Tv with Apps?

Now you might be wondering, what is the point of the Apps? , why would I want an App like twitter on the big screen for example?. The thing is that these Apps are really nicely optimized for the Apple TV even though that this console doesn’t play 4K it’s only 1080p so you can’t watch 4K movies or anything like that. However, the image quality and the games are optimized on a high quality level which makes it look really great.

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