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iPhone 8 & 7 The Myths and the reality

iPhone 8 Concept Art

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January 7, 2017

iPhone 8 Concept Art

Watching the reviews and listening to opinions with a wide range of compliments and biased attributes, we conclude our vision with the final truth that leads us to what we want at the end.

Introducing the IPhone 7 was one hell of a progress that apple have accomplished, seeing as though people where waiting for this accomplishment to happening during the birth of the IPhone 6s,

however, it didn’t to make the people have this enthusiastic  part come out when the Iphone 7 reveals.

Okay so, let’s just have a minute to talk about the facts and the myths of IPhone 7.

Starting with the Facts:

  1. It’s better, faster and more powerful than any other phone.
  2. A new accurate camera that can capture the hardest shots with more detailed specifics during taking pictures or videos.
  3.   It’s the first IPhone with a stereo speaker system that gives a powerful audio experience.
  4. IPhone 7 is also reengineered to be able to become the first water resistance IPhone.
  5. It has the longest battery life amongst all IPhones.

Now for the myths:

  1. It has a new design
  2. It has a wireless charger that charges really fast.


The Future of iPhone 8?

Adding more information to the advantages and disadvantages of the Iphone 7, we will continue by saying that it actually has an avalanche of advantages, however, that leaves us with a question though, does apple have a tremendous amount of solutions and technology that they can actually make the perfect IPhone ever yet they just reveal to the community a glimpse of their technological power just to satisfy their marketing plans and campaigns for every brand, trend and future aspects?, well, that question was a bit too long but it actually has a been a question that goes through a lot of people’s minds. The answer of the question though is, yes, they defiantly do that.

Speculations and Myths

That’s why a lot of people say that IPhone 8 is the end of the chain of IPhone 6, 6 plus,7 and 7 plus, that would reveal the hidden technology that was supposedly divided throughout the years.Now some other people might question the fact that why wouldn’t Apple reveal all its hidden technology all at once if it was okay for the marketing plan? . Well, this act will put them in a sensitive position, why?, because by then it will be considered a monopoly. This means that it would actually affect every other company in the worst way possible.

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