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iPhone 8 Full Wireless Charge

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January 8, 2017

springtime is when we’re going to see so many rumors and right now i have lots to talk to you guys about the potential features

Full Wireless Charging

iphone 8 will come with so let’s get into it and the first thing by far the most important thing. I want to talk to

you guys about today.
It’s a feature of the iphone 8 may come with that will change the face of technology today literally.
and it will probably be one of the first devices on the market to ship with it.
it’s a truly wireless future where you’d be able to walk into a room with your iphone and immediately begins charging.

so it seems impossible he really does but this technology does exist today has been demo’d thoroughly it’s existancefor awhile.

believe it or not but it just hasn’t been this good for this company called energy it so they are basically partnering with¬†Apple.

vaguely mentioned as we all know it’s apple,

about what they’re saying is that they’re going to be partnering with Apple to give them dibs on a technology that wirelessly charges your phone in a ¬†room.

Extra Feature= Extra Charge

iPhone 8 Concept Art

so that’s something we can be certain of that wireless charging is great.

not so great when you have to buy a separate chapter to do it.

in this case is basically saying that the wireless charger will not be included in the box with the iphone.

you’ll have to buy it separately just like the air pods they were advertised with the iphone.

but you do have to buy them separately in order to enjoy that feature in a case of this true wireless charging feature.

you’ll likely need to have a pad in your room to set up transmit that energy phone.

but it certainly will be possible just won’t be cheap and as for an actual charging sold separately.

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