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CES 2017 Apple Accessories

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January 12, 2017

Today we are going to talk about the best Apple accessories at CES 2017 and how they make a big difference to the Apple products.

Incipio’s Case


So first of is a new case from Incipio that actually brings back the headphone jack,

it’s only for the IPhone 7 right now but the case is thin with retrogen at the bottom for the headphone jack and charging port.

This will illuminate the need of an adaptor and will let you use any 3.5 millimeter headphones like you would on the IPhone 6S.



There is also the Henge – Docks accessories,

there is the original vertical dock that lets you just dock your Mac book off to the side,

and there is the new docking station which is meant as an extension to the Mac book pro to identify more USB cables.


Then there is the new horizontal dock,

this is actually a power dock with sensors to detect when the computer is in the dock and then it automatically attaches itself,

once in there is access to pretty much every port you can think of, including space for connecting multiple monitors.


Adding to that, the dock has a security app that locks the computer in allowing more security for your expensive new computer.

Apple Watch Camera Demo

There is also the camera for Apple watch,

now unfortunately this demo unit wasn’t working, however,

the idea is to bring a camera to the Apple watch,

it will be communicating to your phone through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and using your watch as a view finder.

The camera’s battery and tech are all inside the band so there is no modification needed to the Apple watch itself.

It comes with a charging dock that charges the camera band and watch at the same time.

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