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Duet Display for Mac Pro

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January 12, 2017

If you’re a Mac book Pro owner who just recently picked up an LG Ultrafine 5K display you can actually run your Mac book Pro in clamshell mode that means when the led closed and with a single cable from the Mac book pro to the LG Ultrafine 5K display.

Clamshell Mode

Now there so inherit downsides to using clamshell mode. The biggest downside is that you lose access to the touch bar. Now although that is a definite downside to using clamshell mode, however if you keep the led closed of your Mac book Pro because it affords more reality, meaning that you can simply slide the Mac book Pro out of the way and have more space on your desk.

Duet alternative

Duet Display

So that’s where DUET comes in, an app that allows you to turn your IPhone or IPad into an external display.

So all you need to do is connect your IOS device to your Mac.

You would also need the companion helper app for DUET and this will run in your Mac’s mini bar that contains all the settings that you need.

So if you try this it goes as follows, you’re going to launch DUET and once you launch it you’re just going to connect your Mac book Pro to your IPad and then wait a second and you would see that it’s connecting and you would see your IPad Pro is working as an external display for your Mac book Pro,

that’s cool in itself. But if you would look downwards you would find the touch bar.

So you get touch bar access right from your IOS device like your IPad pro and you can control it just like it was the native touch bar on your Mac book Pro,

now this is really cool because it means that you can actually run your Mac book pro in an clamshell mode or you can run an iMac and still have access to the touch bar, even though Apple hasn’t made an external keyboard with touch bar support yet.

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