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5$ vs 1000$ iPhone Case 50ft Drop Test

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January 13, 2017

So here’s a good idea; Let’s pay more money for a case worth more than the iPhone it’s protecting; messed up ha?

today we’re gonna do a small test to see how a 1000$ iPhone 7 Case compare to 5$ dollar case,

Gray  is the company the 1000$ Titanium case and the 5$ is created by a Chinese brand called IY,

Just keep in mind Apple doesn’t create the toughest Phones when it comes to drop testing when compared with it’s counterparts.

1000$ Titanium Case

1000$ Case vs 5$ Case

which is gonna be bought and consumed by a very small number of people; the elite.

Today we’re gonna look at the incredibly pricey 1000$ dollar iPhone 6s case.

The case which is called advent produced by Gray International,

is a very exclusive product that only 500 pieces of it have ever been produced,

so if you’re Tony Stark reading this sorry dude but it’s sold out,

so why would anyone ever want something like this let’s check out..

and there ain’t much to say about the 5$ case,

it’s created from aluminium it doesn’t fit perfectly on the phone, but it surely does it’s job.


8 Feet Drop

So we dropped both phones from 8 feet high standing over a bench into concrete and the result was amazing,

the 5$ case was heavily bumped with scars all over it the concrete has bent the aluminum premantitly and in general it looked really bad,

though the phone itself was still intact.

Cheap Case Drop


the titanium did amazingly well though,

although you could notice few marks from the concrete on it but it totally washed off once you rub it,

you normally wouldn’t notice the drop effect on it.


50 feet Drop

so we dropped both cases again but from 50ft high,

again some surprising results.

the 5$ case was completely destroyed the bolt that holds it in place broke and the case itself came off,

while the 1000$ case had some bents and scars but you could hardly sat it got dropped from 50 fts high.

still surprisngly both phones themselves were still working with some extra bruises on the cheap case one

so here you go though it’s definitely overpriced but you stills get what you pay for.

a full video for the whole test to watch it closely including the 50ft drop.




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