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Geometry Dash Game Review

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January 13, 2017


Geometry Dash is a game that will split users into two camps.

Many will love the addictive nature of the action platformer, but others will quickly label it as an exercise in frustration — and they’re both right.

The game is maddening, and it will drive many players to fits of rage,

due to a less-than-perfect control system. And the counter that displays how many times you’ve failed seems to taunt players.


But, by listening for musical clues and practicing the levels via the game’s practice mode, it’s possible to learn the patterns, which can ease the frustration. And the addition of a level-creation mode lets users design levels in an easy fashion, which extends the life of the game once you’ve mastered the included areas.

But anyway Geometry Dash seems like a perfect game for young teens and even kids,

having a positive feed back from most of the kid that played ranging from 8-15 and,

it pretty much doesn’t contain anything that a parent should be worried about.

Here’s Some User reviews

13 Years Old Teen Review

“I got the full version and i cant stop playing Ive spended some time playing i’m in the middle of beating jumper and i keep dying,raging and trying again i give this game 5 stars and on the full version you can make your own levels and I’ve made an awesome level so if you want something to occupy yourself get this game and if you have the money get the full version.”

15 Years Old Teen Review

“This game is WONDERFUL! It takes tons of skill, and good memorization skills (since the obstacles come fast, often times having the routine memorized really helps), The only reason I put a higher age rating is because the skills needed are a little advanced towards harder levels, also kids need to have a focused attention span and lots of patience. Also, definitely get the full version. For a cheap price, it is an AMAZING deal.”

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