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3 Tips to extend your Phone Battery life

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January 16, 2017

One of the most annoying facts of the modern technology is the battery life of devices,

it feels like your phone sometimes goes rampage mode on your battery and it tries to literally suck life of it,

it doesn’t matter what kind of OS you’re using or how expensive/cheap your phone is ,

once the battery is dead it’s just a peace of metal and plastic.

luckily in this series of articles we’ll discuss simple ways to extend the life time of your Phone.


Battery Life Hardware

Keep in mind of course that your problems might be hardware related and,

simply your phone battery isn’t good enough anymore or it just have manufacturing defoes .

In 2014 Apple recalled a number of iPhone 5 units, after it determined that some iPhone 5 batteries were faulty,

and in November 2016 it announced a free battery replacement program for the iPhone 6s.


so without further to do here are our 2 cents on the issue


Turn on Low Power Mode

Battery Life Report

In iOS 10 (and iOS 9), there’s a feature called Low Power Mode that reduces overall power requirements and makes your battery last longer. Apple claims the mode will allow you to gain three extra hours of battery life from your iPhone.

Low Power Mode isn’t a default option that happens automatically in the background.

It will be offered automatically when you hit 20% remaining power: you’ll see a warning flash up and the option to turn on Low Power Mode.

If you want, you can enable Low Power Mode without waiting for your iPhone to reach 20%. Go to Settings > Battery and turn on Low Power Mode.


Which apps are killing the battery?

n iOS 10, 9 and 8 you can see exactly which apps are the biggest battery drainers. Go to Settings > General > Battery and scroll down to see which of your apps were the biggest battery guzzlers in the past 24 hours, or last 7 days.

Expect to see Facebook up the top; Safari also seems to be quite draining. But obviously these are also frequently used apps.

Note any apps that highlight background activity as battery-draining – perhaps you need to address what this background activity is.


Go into Settings > General > Auto-Lock (in iOS 10 it’s found in Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock) and set your device to sleep after 30 seconds of inactivity. This will provide improvement to battery life over time. If you really want to max out your iPhone’s battery life, try to get into the habit of pressing the Sleep/Wake button at the top of your iPhone as soon as you’ve finished using it.

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