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Battery Saving Myth : Don’t Quit Apps

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January 16, 2017

how to quit apps

iPhone users tend to quit apps we aren’t using as it seems like a logical way to stop them sucking away at the battery.

(To quit an app, double-tap the Home Button and swipe up on the app you want to close.)


But this idea isn’t really good after all,

though you might initially save a fraction of battery by closing the apps but loading them back again will cost you, even more, battery.

Even Pikachu Suffers Battery Problems

Memory And Cache

As you open an app it’s data is loaded into battery once you close the app you clear the cache memory and whenever you reopen it you force your phone to load it again into cache when can be a hefty load on the battery.

iOS manages all that for you. Most applications, when you exit them, save their state and “go to sleep”.

So if you were playing a game or looking at Settings and then hit the home button or switch to another app,

it keeps track of where you were in the game or what page you were on in Settings, then stops the app.


When you tap the icon to launch the game or Settings again,

it reads the state and returns you to the same place in the app.

It only seems like it was multitasking — it wasn’t. If you haven’t used an app in a long time, iOS might not even keep the saved state.

Background Refresh


Unless you have enabled Background App Refresh,

your apps are can’t run in the background unless they are playing music,

using location services, recording audio, or  Skype which tends go below the radar mostly.


All of these exceptions, besides the latter, will put an icon next to your battery icon to alert you it is running in the background,” he explains.

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