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iPhone 8 3D Camera, Crazy Screen and More

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January 22, 2017



iPhone 8 is probably one of the most rumored technological subjects right now, some of it are pure rumors some are actual confirmed information and some are a mix of both today we’re going to talk about everything we know so far including the smallest details and the best specifications that are available to us right now.


Release Date

Though it’s still really early in this year people are starting to predict the release date,

Though Apple annual September announcement tradition might continue,

The iPhone 8 release date will be in September 2017.(To Be Confirmed)

However, 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone launch so Apple might want to mix things up a bit,

As they non-traditionally announced iPhone SE last March.

One last thing it ain’t confirmed to be named iPhone 8 yet but it’s the name that has been used around for simplicity sake.



iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone 7S?


As we’ve mentioned, the iPhone for 2017 is slightly harder to predict because it will mark a big anniversary for the smartphone.

It’s pretty much anyone’s guess at the moment, hence, we’re calling the 2017 model the iPhone 8 at the moment but it’s perfectly plausible that the new phone won’t conform to the traditional naming system at all.

But what we’re sure about is that it won’t be called 7s, because the S scheme is a notation for upgrade,

And since they’re re designing the whole thing mostly it won’t be a 7S,

Most rumors say it’s going to be either iPhone 8 or X to mark the 10th anniversary.


iPhone X is the latest rumor and to be honest it makes some sense,

Since X is the Latin number for 10, also it gives the new Phone that sense of edginess with the letter X which might be an appealing thing for the Apple fan base.


Glass Design

 iPhone 8 Glass Concept

This most recent iPhone 8 rumor says that Apple manufacturers Foxconn and Jabil are building the phone’s body with two reinforced glass panes one for the front and one for the back.

The two glass panels are then said to be held together by a stainless steel frame.


If true, Apple’s return to the stainless-steel frame would echo its iPhone 4,

While a glass backing is more breakable than metal, it can transmit signal better than metal,

An important point that supports the rumor that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging.

The phone’s home button function could also incorporate directly into the display.



iPhone 8 Concept Art

The most likely improvement we’ll see on the iPhone 8 spec sheet is a fancy new processor. Apple designs its ownprocessors,

and tends to debut a new chip with every major iPhone release.

The latest chip is the A9, which powers the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 7 is runs on the new A10 Fusion chip,

although details on its inner workings are still light. And the iPhone 8 will, more than likely, feature an A11 chip.

Given the fact that Samsung is already manufacturing Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 chip on a 10nm process,

we’re not surprised by this rumour at all.

No Home Button


This one is pretty much confirmed as current iPhone 7 doesn’t actually have a real home button,

Sure if you looked at it you will see one but it’s actually not real,

It looks like a button but it doesn’t give you that click feeling, it’s all part of the touch control system.

As far as we know the next iPhone will take this a step further removing the home button totally and replacing with fully integrated touch button, probably it will be provoked through the lowest part of the iPhone screen.


OLED Display

iPhone 8 Screen

Concept Art for iPhone 8

Apple is also expected to build bezel-less curved OLED displays for its iPhone 8.

The rumour is in line with Sharp top executive remarks that Apple has to finally choose OLED displays to take the next step in innovating displays on its smartphones.

Samsung and LG, joined by Foxconn-owned Sharp by 2018, are said to be Apple’s primary OLED suppliers.

It’s almost sure that Apple will launch a 5.8-inch iPhone with a curved OLED display and glass casing next year, the research note mentioned.

There are reports that a bezel-free design by Apple will be achieved by removing the iconic Home button on the next iPhone.

Battery Life

Perhaps the most unexpected iPhone 8 battery life rumour came straight from the mouth of Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook explained that the company’s new Yokohoma research and development facility would be used to work on “deep engineering” for artificial intelligence, adding that AI “is horizontal in nature, running across all products”.

Cook said Apple wants “the AI to increase your battery life”,

hinting that future iPhone handsets may feature some kind of AI-assisted battery-saving technology.



Full Wireless Charging


It’s a feature of the iphone 8 may come with that will change the face of technology today literally.

and it will probably be one of the first devices on the market to ship with it.


it’s a truly wireless future where you’d be able to walk into a room with your iphone and immediately begins charging.

so it seems impossible he really does but this technology does exist today has been demo’d thoroughly it’s existancefor awhile.

believe it or not but it just hasn’t been this good for this company called energy it so they are basically partnering with Apple.

vaguely mentioned as we all know it’s apple,

about what they’re saying is that they’re going to be partnering with Apple to give them dibs on a technology that wirelessly charges your phone in a  room.



Water Immersion rate

The latest rumors report that the upcoming iPhone 8 will go futher;

Having a rating of IP68, that means that it can stand immersion up to 1.5 metre for about 30 minutes.

However most smartphone companies have surpassed this point specially Samsung and SONY,

Which have adapted IP69 in their latest phones,

Not to mention almost 100% waterproofing,

the upcoming iPhone 8 is said to have a glass body.


Strong TAPTIC Engine

So first thing first what’s a TAPTIC engine?

A combination of “tap” and “haptic feedback,

” taptic engine is a name Apple created for its technology that provides tactile sensations in the form of vibrations to users of Apple devices like the Apple Watch, iPhones, iPads, and MacBook laptops.

Apple debuted its taptic engine technology along with the Force Touch feature in the 2015 editions of Apple MacBook notebooks and the initial Apple Watch,

and the two features work together to provide a user with more input control and feedback.


And the new iPhone is rumored to have a very strong and updated TAPTIC engine,

Though the specifications haven’t been announced yet.

All of that, impressive as it is at first touch,

is simply Apple pointing the way to developers and hinting at what the next generation of apps can do.

Feeling the different types of blasters available to you in a game,

or the keys of a piano, that’s what’s so exciting about iPhone 8.

The decades-old research that led to the Taptic Engine glimpsed a future where texture itself could be simulated beneath our fingers.

Already people are experiencing iPhone 7 and imagining fully tactile typing and latest generation real life gaming.



According to multiple Korean news source,

Apple is partnering with LG to fit the iPhone 8 with 3D camera.

Korean reports say that the new 3D camera will allow iPhone 8 users to recognize shape,

pattern and depth of real world objects, which might be cause a leap in augmented and virtual reality technology.
















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