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iOS 11 and Facetime update

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January 25, 2017

FaceTime App has been limited to one-to-one communication since its 2010 release,

despite improvements in speed and user interface.

Apple delayed group video chat but it have been given a breathing room using third party applications

Though FaceTime is the default video calling solution for iOS and macOS.


Release Date

Following the release cycle of past iOS debuts, Facetime update will be announced in June.

iOS 11 will most likely be unveiled at WWDC this year.

The update is expected to roll out with the release of the new iPhone models in September.

Focusing on social elements and interactions and Facetime update will probably be in the core of that event.

In particular, group video calls are supposedly set for introduction in the next-generation operating system namely iOS 11.

iOS 11

IOS Beta 7

Though things are still not totally confirmed and as it’s the case with most Apple releases,

nothing is confirmed till it’s official.

but it’s speculated that the next iOS- iOS 11- will have a complate user interface update,

focusing on creating an easy environment for those who aren’t familiar with iOS.

along with a mini-rework for Apple’s famous Siri,

giving her a much higher ability to recognize orders and voice.

How much is a group?

According to sources,

users will have to initiative a group FaceTime video call from a group chat in Messages. Up to five people should be able to participate.

The Change

This change will be welcomed by FaceTime lovers,

as group calling has been a much-needed feature for quite some time.

At present, FaceTime video calling is only supported between two users.

The service was first launched in 2010, and there hasn’t been major tweaks to the app ever since.

If this leak is true, then this could be one of the biggest changes to the app since inception.

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