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iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy Coca-Cola 9 Hours Challenge

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January 26, 2017

Today we’re gonna do something a little fun with iPhone,

we’re gonna submerge two mobile phones iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 in Cola,

while you won’t prefer one phone over the other based on it’s coca-cola resistance,

it sure is a good sign for resist-ability and resilience.

The Preparations

So why coca-cola you might ask; easy because people like it,

also it’s a fizzy soda drink which means that under low temperature it freezes faster than water,

so we got two plastic container filled them with coca-cola and sealed them.iPhone and samsung in Cola

funny thing is once we poured the cola the Galaxy started interacting with it and running app,

while the iPhone had no reaction whatsoever when poured it.


so we sealed the containers and put them in freezer,

at -24 C and we left there for almost 10 hours.

and that was the first sight we saw when we opened the freezer.

totally frozen liquid with ice crystals all around it..

Unseal, unfreeze

well the cover was almost frozen into the plastic container, and we had some hard time removing it,

once we removed it we decided to use regular warm water to de-freeze it.

Pouring boiled water

after few minutes of pouring hot water into the frozen cola we were able to extract the 2 phones



So what do you expect of these phones after getting their butt kicked;

submerged frozen and defrosted using boiling water.

The Samsung S7 was surprisingly still working, we didn’t even need to recharge it, just unlocked it and no problems whatsoever.

The iPhone 6s though it was out of charge; once we plugged it in it started working just fine,

still it restarted couple of times before working and it’s screen suffered some damage.

meanwhile we couldn’t notice any of that damage on the iPhone.

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