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iPhone 8 VS Samsung S8, Specs and Expectations

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February 6, 2017

Apple and Samsung have been the most relevant brands for a long time,

the Go-To for geeks and casual daily users,

and though both of them had their share of flunks and bad review over the years,

they still maintained the top 2 places in market share.


Today we’re gonna look at both of their upcoming big guns the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8,

Please note there have been no official release yet,

And this comparison is based totally on leaks.


Release Date

Apple have a habit of of making it’s announcements in September,

Though there have been speculation of a change in this scheme with respect to the iPhone 10th anniversary.


The Galaxy S8 release date is likely of fall in either March or April,

Though It was originally believed that Samsung would debut the new phone at MWC 2017,

Barcelona’s annual technology tradeshow, in late February.

But Samsung has confirmed that won’t be the case.


iPhone 8 vs Samsung Design


Korean reports say that Samsung is going to ditch the home button,

pretty much following Apple lead in the iPhone 8 leaks.

Samsung has used Synaptics fingerprint sensors on previous flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy S8.

So that makes it even more likely that this new sensor will make it to a future Samsung handset.

iPhone 8 Glass Concept

This most recent iPhone 8 rumor says that Apple manufacturers Foxconn and Jabil are building the phone’s body with two reinforced glass panes one for the front and one for the back.

The two glass panels are then said to be held together by a stainless steel frame.

And note that Apple is highly anticipated to redesign the iPhone to celebrate the 10th anniversary.




There’s a clear trend of 5.1-inch panels in the smartphone high end market,

which is a decent middle-ground that suits most users. We’d expect the Galaxy S8 to follow suit,

although a report from the Korea Herald pointed to two variants: 5.7-inches and 6.2-inches.

The main reason Samsung would consider a 4K screen is the growing popularity of Virtual Reality.

If Samsung moved to a 4K panel, you’d enjoy a significantly enhanced VR experience.


iPhone 8 Screen

Apple is also expected to build bezel-less curved OLED displays for its iPhone 8.

The rumour is in line with Sharp top executive remarks that Apple has to finally choose OLED displays to take the next step in innovating displays on its smartphones.

Samsung and LG, joined by Foxconn-owned Sharp by 2018, are said to be Apple’s primary OLED suppliers.

There are reports that a bezel-free design by Apple will be achieved by removing the iconic Home button on the next iPhone.

Barclays expects that the screen will extend vertically as well as horizontally.



Though nothing is confirmed yet but the Samsung S8 is expected to have

30 MP camera on rear and 8 MP on front.

Whilst the iPhone MP rate is not yet rumored strong enough to be included but we can expect it to be a of higher quality than the Samsung,

though it might be a little less when it comes to MP part

According to multiple Korean news source,

Apple is partnering with LG to fit the iPhone 8 with 3D camera.

Korean reports say that the new 3D camera will allow iPhone 8 users to recognize shape,

pattern and depth of real world objects, which might be cause a leap in augmented and virtual reality technology.



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